September 6th is National Read a Book Day!

National Read A Book Day is annually observed on September 6 every year.

Whether you love reading paper books or are drawn to the convenience of ebooks or are hooked on listening to audio books – today is the day to fully appreciate your love of books and reading (or listening).

No one knows how it started and there are not specific ways to observe the day. Here are some ideas on how to observe National Read A Book Day.

  • Take the time to pick up a book today – Sit down and pick up a book to read today.
  • Get a new book to read – Don’t have a book? There are still book stores and libraries. Stop in and grab one!
  • ebooks too – If you have an eReader, buy or borrow a book.
  • Books on Phones – Download an ebook on your phone for those times when you might check emails or play a game, now you can read.
  • Share a Book – If you have some books on your shelf that you’ve already read, consider sharing one.
  • Young Readers – Offer to buy a child or young person a book. Tell they your favorite book when you were growing up.
  • Talk About Books – ask someone what they are reading.
  • Support Literacy – find an organization like the Woman’s Club of Red Bank that supports literacy.
  • Book Review – post a book review of one of your favorite books on social media.
  • Post #ReadABookDay on your social media.
  • Visit a library
  • Just read!

Sit back, relax and read a book.