About Us

About Connect The Dots 4 Women, LLC

Connect the Dots for WomenConnect The Dots 4 Women, LLC is owned and operated by two New Jersey business women; Lori Brand and Kate Rafferty. We each own and operate our own businesses. We created Connect the Dots as a way to working together in a team environment while still utilizing our experience to help others.

Mission: Gather and share resources with women in business.

The company, Connect The Dots 4 Women (CTD4Women), wants to help women connect-the-dots in their personal lives and businesses. Resources for networking and education include but are not limited to:

Sales, Marketing, Financials, Networking, and other entrepreneurial topics.

Business Networking

Networking with CTD4Women enables business women to expand their geographic reach around New Jersey. We look to share networking opportunities by offering reviews of networking groups, posting networking meetings and events, and spotlighting women in business in monthly interviews.

Business Education

The Education resources cover topics such as selling tips, learning your customer’s buying personality, SEO tips, how to use social media for business, and how to become financially savvy.

Balance & Fun

Everyone needs balance and fun in their lives. Women in business, working moms, and solo-preneurs need to be reminded to relax and have fun. Our informational education (blog) tends to be laced with humor as well as helpful tips. And many of the networking events are steeped in creating balance in our lives. We need it as much as we believe you might – so follow-us and meet-up with us and we’re sure to laugh a lot as we network and learn – men have been doing this for ages – “Just like men do business on the golf course, women entrepreneurs need to do business while having fun.” We offer a unique twist to a traditional networking.



Lori Brand

Lori BrandLori is a financial advisor with a twist. She specializes in helping women in business. She is most passionate about is helping people that have experienced a major BLIP in their personal or professional life and feel like they are starting over again.


Kate Rafferty

katerKate has been in the technology field for many years and SEO for 15+ years. She offers tips to help your digital footprint, SEO, & Social Media. Kate shares information that is useful for solo-preneurs, network marketing, local shop businesses, and small to mid-size companies.


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